Friday, September 13, 2013


I made this Birthday Crown in 2007, while attending Art & Soul in Portland. It is a bit tattered.  

We have about 9 birthday girls in my family, plus my niece's and then the occasional female friend 

who may wear it.  So by my math it has been worn around 54  or more times.

Here is the latest Birthday girl wearing it as a good sport.

Cute isn't she?

And here she is trying to manage her choice of a Birthday request dinner.  When it's your birthday, you

 get to pick the menu

What do ya think...did she make it ????

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I once had a nice little sewing chair.  I bought it when I bought my first embroidery machine, it was the

perfect size, no arms and it swizzled around.  One day my 6' 5" son decided to sit in it and swizzled a

little bit too much...much like the Three Little Bears I went for some time without a chair.

When I finally decided to go get a new one, I headed to my local office supply store. My needs were:

no arms, adjustable height, and of course ability to swizzle around...not asking too much, I also wanted

it cheap. When the manager pointed out a stack of boxed chairs and gave me a discount, I was sold.

  Upon coming home and opening the box this is what I saw

yup, lime green, which  at times may be perfect, but I had decorated my sewing room many moons ago

in this fabric.

and as you can see it just doesn't do it.  I have been going to make a little slip cover for it for ages...

this is where the procrastination comes in.  I got busy this weekend and using my recent favorite 

fabric, good ole drop cloth,  and began.

I added a transfer to make sure everyone knew

And now that I see it in this picture, it needs a small ruffle at the bottom, so back to work. Unless

I procrastinate some more.

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