Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Welcome 2014

I'm never eager to start a new year, but am always happy to have the rush of the holidays over with. A

new year does give the opportunity to start with a fresh perspective with hope of making changes for

 ourselves in growing to become the best we can.  Although I believe this could be done on any given

day of the year.  The fun of using a new year to encourage myself to change a few things, is the

knowledge that there are many others doing the same. I'm starting out small , making my first priority  a

room I have always called "my sewing room". Since I now do many things in this room, I am trying to

 call it "my studio" without cracking a smile.

I began with organizing ALL my jewelry making supplies….to prove just how hard that is

I'm including a picture that probably should embarrass me.

I'm now onto the sewing portion, and will post pictures of that gigantic effort soon.

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