Monday, February 3, 2014


Once a month I get together with one of my art groups to make art…of course.   We call ourselves "Eastside Art Group"  We take turns hosting and teaching…this day our teacher is Norma who is a prize winning, blue ribbon winner and has her art collected by others, artist.

                        This day she is teaching us how to make gourd boxes.

                     Because California has decided not to have winter, we are able to work outside this fine sunny January day.

The dragonfly one is Diane, another prize winning Gourd artist.

This is Linda working on hers.

This is Jacki working on hers.

I don't have a good picture of Norma our teacher or Marilyn's gourd.

And here's mine….just need to give it a finishing wax.

A photographer I'm not.
We had a delightful day in the sun, making art, gabbing, laughing and being together.  We just completed our first year together and started the second.

Wonder what I will teach when it's mine turn.

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