Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Have you been watching the Olympics like I have.  My favorite sport is any Ice Skating competitions

and I have been staying up late to watch, which isn't helping my getting up in the morning.

 Why they leave it to broadcast  last is just plain mean. By then I have watched a million

 commercials , some of which are clever  and I do enjoy...  the rest……I just mute. We are

enthralled with the athletes and cheer for  our favorites, and love watching the excitement of the winners.

Speaking of the Olympics, my oldest granddaughter is a cyclist and is preparing for the next 2016
summer olympics.

She is receiving this years' new uniform as this is the beginning of the Jr. Women's Season.

Sorry it is a bit blurry…one of us was moving

With part of the team behind her.

http://www.gofundme.com/milliegoat   you can find out why she is called 


This is an article about the team.

We have our fingers crossed that we all are going to Rio de Janeiro in 2016!!