Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I have teachers on my mind.  Both my daughters and daughter in law teach. One of my daughters owns a small pre-school and I help out a few hours a couple of times a week. She provides a wonderful, safe, fun and warm environment for 12 children a day. She has taught a total of 15 years and holds a Master Degree in education. Her dream was to have her own school,  she has now fulfilled the dream that started when she was 7, and played nothing but 'school'.

            In the morning it's story time

      Then to the yard for out door play, everybody likes a wagon ride.

                            Then it's  lunch time….someone has a very healthy lunch!

                                                This week we're getting ready for Valentines Day

The chalkboard tells us what's for snack each day.

Each week the children help in the kitchen, bake muffins, chop fruit and make special crafts 
to take home.
One day we made Valentine Day placemats on water color paper and 
then they were laminated to last for meal time.

 I wish every child could be so lucky to have a teacher like her in their lives.
(Proud mom that I am)

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  1. Hi... It's me, Linda! I love looking at Millie's pictures. Enjoying your blog!