Sunday, August 18, 2013

Number 2 granddaughter

It's celebration time tonight.  No. 2 has decided for her 13th birthday family dinner to have Breakfast

for dinner.  Grandpa has left for the store to gather the ingredients....she has asked for pancakes, hash

brown potatoes, ham, scrambled eggs, and G is surprising her with fried apples, oh and toast.

Also requested was a ice cream cake for birthday singing and blowing out of candles.

The best part........we are all wearing our pajamas.  It's a smaller crowd tonight as her Uncle Reid and

 Aunt CoCo are in L.A for another birthday dinner.  So, we're 12 around the table.

Here she is getting her gift from Tutu  (me)  Lunch


She didn't even flinch,  nary a tear even. Brave girl, maybe its because she rides horses

and has experienced how far down the ground is......

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  1. Happy Birthday Char! Good job grandma with celebration