Saturday, August 17, 2013


While my niece Madi did her laundry I was busy too.  She has basketball practice at UCI for 6 weeks

before school starts, so she is spending the weekend with us. Doing homework and using the washing machine.

Here's what I started yesterday with a group of girlfriends.  We had an art day making paper beads.

and this is the almost finished product .  I think I will add some dangles.  It was easy and fast to make. 

a little hard to see on my pretty pink  mannequin "Rylen"

For the paper beads, cut paper one inch wide by 12 inches, roll up on a toothpick and glue the last little

 piece.  Coat with diamond glaze, let dry. Using about 4 inches of wire and make a lop at one end, load

 bead cap, spacer, colored bead and paper bead-finising with another loop to attach to the chain of your choice.


  1. What a beautiful necklace! Can you make me one??? Can't wait to see you tonight! :-)

    XO Linden

  2. Hi Linden, you can make the beads with any scrap paper you like, then string them on ribbon, chain or wire. For you, it would only take about 5 beads.
    Thanks for the comment!