Thursday, August 29, 2013

Is It Time For Halloween Already???

Near by my home is a fabulous nursery with a incredible gift store. For the holidays they are over the top in decorations, displays, beautiful plant arrangements and tablescapes.  It is so wonderful, tour buses bring bus loads to visit, particularly at Christmas.
So off I went with a couple of girlfriends today to attend the opening....thinking "Halloween is a couple of months away". But they start  every holiday early.  I noticed TJ MAX even had Halloween decorations out.  No matter this place sells out quickly...if you see it and like it, better get it asap.
Opening day was yesterday and already many things had SOLD signs...not little dinky things, lovely $500 things!!! 
Here are just a few quick pictures I took today

Yesterday was the first day of the Grand Opening, and from reading the local newspaper this morning it reported people were waiting for the nursery to open. I'm sorry I forgot to take pictures of the grounds outside as it is a full and beautiful nursery with grade A quality plants.  The creativity of the artist who work there always inspire me to come home and copy them to the best of my ability.  If I end up going again, I will take photos of the grounds as they are worth seeing.

After looking at these photos, I feel I need to take a few more as I have missed some of the really  out there items...and I would love for you to see them.  It's Halloween like you've never seen before.  Every year they try to top the last year.  Many years there are moving things like hands coming out, a very, very large spider coming down from the ceiling, fog and creepy music.

We had a fun day and now I'm actually looking forward to decorating  when October comes.

And then off to lunch we went...

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